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  Tulip Medical
My first large client I started with in 1990. They manufactured equipment for plastic surgery so I know a lot about plastic surgery.
  Tulip Medical
This was a very successful ad geared toward doctors, I shot the photo in my friends backyard with him standing on a pallet of sod. The instrument in the corner was created in InfiniD, a 3D application.


  Tulip Medical
This is another successful ad unveiling a new break-through technology used in "cell friendly" instrumentation for liposculpture. The illustrations were created in Bryce 3D.


Executive Business Services
The creation of this ad and some new logos were designed to add a look of excitement to what is some very unexciting government proposal generating software. I used Bryce 3D to create most of it.


Therapeutic Fashions Video
This was a video and fashion shoot I did simultaneously for a trade show featuring exercise apparel. It turned out great for something with a budget under $8000... the client was very happy.



Michael Productions
I've done a fair amount of scenic painting for my friend Mike Scaglione's set design company. It's fun work to go on a stage and sling some real paint around instead of whipping something up on the computer.



Vertigo Design

The client requested glamorous bikini girls with their helmets in this multi page catalog. I was involved with the concepts and art direction for this big photo shoot



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